Transformation Program Advisor

Building your ICT foundation for business execution requires a deep understanding of the direction your business needs to take in order that requirements can be articulated so that the right ICT services are implemented to support your business. As your Transformation Program Advisor, we can elicit, assemble and communicate your business requirements and scope the projects that are needed for changing systems, processes and organisational structures for achieving your business vision.

Depending on the nature and scale of your business, planning the deployment of ICT infrastructure can be complex. We can work collaboratively with your project team to develop a program of work by co-ordinating the planning of individual projects including determining dependencies, resourcing and documenting statements of work per project within expected budget and timeframe.

Examples of deliverables include:

  • Facilitating workshops for requirements gathering and related project planning
  • Defining business requirements (in the form of user stories as applicable to each project) in consultation with project team members and key stakeholders
  • Scoping resource costs for meeting business requirements at budgetary level and then drilling down to detailed level in consultation with subject matter experts
  • Identifying and developing key project artefacts, in consultation with subject matter experts (e.g. resourcing, scheduling, design specifications etc.), needed to deploy the ICT infrastructure.