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Global Data Protection Agency

Data Privacy Compliance as a Service: A Solution for Businesses Impacted by Data Privacy Regulations July 16,2021

Summary The Australian Government is constantly revising and strengthening data privacy regulations in order to…


New Opportunities for Telcos as Enterprises Ditch the Telephone to Improve Customer Service December 10,2019

Have you ever been frustrated communicating with “Ask Jess” or any other chat bot that…

New Technology

Evaluating “New-Tech” Opportunities June 26,2019

Today we are witnessing an ever increasing number of emerging technologies being exploited by startups…

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  • Contact: Nam Nguyen

  • Contact: Emin Hasic, George Stamatakos, Jim Fakos

    -Global Data Protection Agency
  • Contact: Renier de Klerk

  • Contact: Matt Costa

    -Boronia Veterinary Clinic & Hospital