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Data Privacy Compliance as a Service: A Solution for Businesses Impacted by Data Privacy Regulations

Global Data Protection Agency

Summary The Australian Government is constantly revising and strengthening data privacy regulations in order to ensure consumers have rights to the way their personal data is used by businesses. This is especially important given the rising threat of cyber attacks and security breaches in our society. Nevertheless, data privacy laws impact businesses that rely on...

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New Opportunities for Telcos as Enterprises Ditch the Telephone to Improve Customer Service


Have you ever been frustrated communicating with “Ask Jess” or any other chat bot that you have interacted with on a web site? Or maybe you’re not able to find the answers to your questions on the list of FAQs? The old way of calling the merchant’s phone number to repeat your question after a...

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Evaluating “New-Tech” Opportunities

New Technology

Today we are witnessing an ever increasing number of emerging technologies being exploited by startups using new business models.  For those of us who a trying to evaluate "new-tech" business opportunities, understanding the key factors that will determine success or failure of a tech startup project is a good starting point.  A good model that...

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Are You a Social CEO?

GL ICT Consulting Meeting

Popular social media platforms offer everyone the ability to promote ideas, thoughts and other content to anyone else. Social media has no boundaries. Jovina Ang, in her recently published book "Leadership Communication" provides a convincing argument for CEO's to utilise social media to better connect and engage with their employees. Jovina writes that socially savvy...

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10 Questions You Need to Ask when Planning an IoT Project


The "Internet of Things" (IoT) is a very broad definition that refers to the plethora of sensors, controllers, devices etc. that will be connected over the Internet for supporting a multitude of applications that are expected to benefit consumers and industries. This means that there is a very wide range of choices that need to...

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Does Your Business have the Capability of Achieving Your Vision?

Business Vision

When setting out your business’s 3 to 5-year vision, you need to also understand what changes to current business operations (i.e. people, processes and systems) will be necessary for achieving it. Too often, business owners, boards of directors and CEOs take a piecemeal approach making ad-hoc changes along the way to their business operations, or...

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A 5-Path Approach to Staying Employable in the Automation Era

Artificial Intelligence

Automation brings opportunities for lifelong learning, with the line between learning and working becoming increasingly blurred. This means that we need to be prepared to master new ways to approach our current jobs or transition into new ones as automation changes the way we work and the roles we play. There are currently many discussions...

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The Importance of Human Factors in e-Government Initiatives

Tallin Capital of Estonia

The consideration of human factors when planning and implementing e-Government initiatives are key to the successful take up of such services. Estonia is a case in point, where human factors such as citizen empowerment, user privacy, mobility and government transparency were key to the country’s successful e-Government programme which has been cited by major bodies...

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IACCM Australasia Conference 2017

IACCM Meeting 2017 Melbourne

I had the privilege of attending the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management (IACCM) 2017 Australasia Conference, held in Melbourne over two days from 31st July to 1st of August. IACCM is a community of more than 30,000  professionals worldwide who have an interest in the areas of contracting, commercial, procurement, legal and supply...

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Meeting Mr Zachman

Meeting Mr Zachman

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr John Zachman at the 2017 ICMG ANZ & Asia Pacific Enterprise Architecture Summit held in Sydney on the 13th and 14th of July. John Zachman is an Enterprise Architecture pioneer in the field of Information Science and is known internationally for the "Zachman Framework for Enterprise Architecture". In...

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